Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Passap 2col-transfergarter

More variations can be achieved by slightly altering settings

Actually this is faster to knit than using a Brother Garter carriage,
Looks pretty in a shiny yarn.

These are 2 ways of knitting 2 col. garter on any doublebed Passap.
I used a Pinky & the U80 for the transferring of stitches.

At top-another version of the same -on Passap Duo80 & U100.

Of course one could argue that these are not true garters,
which in effect they are not, singlebed knitting
is not being used.
But as long as they simulate garter on one side, I'm happy.

If someone wants to try a true garter, remember that no.1 on the U-locks
need pushers beneath selected needles to operate and transfer to "empty"
needles on other bed.

Whereas no.5 will transfer stitches only to needles which already
contain stitches.
(Hence "doublebed Garter".)

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