Tuesday, 31 March 2009

DK Pattern graph

This is the Lace & Garter DK7 graph, col.usage
explained on capture.

May be used for Most Brother Electronics =
930, 940 ,950i & 965i.

Not for Mylarsheets!

A word of warning; please be very sure that at NO time
you have both carriages engaged in the belt!!!

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Last pattern converted

Have finished the DK file for this pattern so it can be knitted using the Lace &
Garter carriages
Fairly slow going, but foolproof patterning.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Same pattern-2 rows of knitting

This pattern was used in the Original Garment.
(The swatch has not been steamed or pressed).
There are 2 rows of knitting inbetween transfers,
the rest is the same.

One can also use this pattern purely on the mainbed
if one wants to reform the 2 rib sts. inbetween the
3 sts. used for lace transfers.
The transfers are easier to see.

I just used a memohelper to enable easier following
of left-right or right to left transfers.

Another possibility for mainbed knitting is to use
the lace carriage & the garter
carriage, but then the purl sts. & the lace
need to be programmed for the appropriate
needle selections.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

2 more Photos of the KM Setup

The easiest way for me to remember which stitches need to be transferred
is to use the carriage either from Left to Right or from Right to Left.
The Mainbed needle group of 3,the needle nearest the carriage needs
to have that needle transferred to the centre needle (of3) than "both" loops
or stitches get transferred back to the originally transferred needle,
putting the now empty centre needle back into working position.

Click on Photos for larger view.

Options for knitting MK Magazines's Patterns

This is the 3x2 needle set for both beds.
Outside needles are used on the ribber,2 either side for seaming,
or 5-6 on side which incorporates Front Bands, either left or right.

A query came up from a Knitter friend on this subject.

For some patterns published in Magazines there are several ways of
tackling the job.
One can follow the instructions word for word or in many cases one can
reproduce the same result in different ways, be it because one hasn't got
the same brand of machine, a different gauge, a very different type of yarn
or a body which requires changes of all kinds, be that length or width.

The garment can still resemble the original or actually look the same,
allbeit with a better fit or more appropriate for the wearer.

This particular garment is a very pretty handmanipulated rib lace
in part & plain knitting in another
from Machine knitting Monthly July 2008 (a magazine which most of us buy).

I'n the next few days I will try to knit it the way I prefer.
Wish me luck!

Monday, 9 March 2009

Larger Graph for freebie

Added graph on left for punchcards
or those who can't follow the offsetting principle.
24x96 can be used for punchcard KMs but horizontally reflected!

Deutsche uebersetzung dazugefuegt!
Dieses Muster kann auch fuer Lochkarten gebraucht werden
2x12 , 96 reihen hoch + von links nach rechts verschrenkt.

Follow the instructions carefully.
This graph is for electronic Brothers only & cannot be used as is for
punchcards; for those it requires some very important changes.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Slightly enlarged pattern for finer yarn

Turns out better in a silkier yarn which doesn't need steaming.
I should take a Photo instead of using the scanner in order to see the actual bubbly affect!

This enlarged version looks better when using fine yarn on a 4.5 gauge machine.

Friday, 6 March 2009

A converted lace freebie

This is a converted freebie from handknitting to Brother machineknitting.
Original handknit comes from Ivana Miachalova's (Chech Republic) Bloglink
to her free patterns.

My handknit effort looks actually better than the machineknit version,
mainly because of the heavier yarn used.