Thursday, 29 October 2009

Automatic Lace Edging (Brother)

An older automatic edging  which is a bit quirky in that 
it doesn't behave the same way on different machines.

One of the last Brother Laces.
Still working on it as I feel the 
 outside edge is not wide enough!Guess this will have to wait until I really need an automatic edging.

Finally managed to do the pattern 
for the Empisal Leaf edging
so they both face in either direction.                          
Sorry I forgot to add that all these edgings were done fully automatically by the Lace carriage 
and the knitcarriage.
All the information for the increases 
and decreases are contained in the 
.pat file! 

If there were any handtransfers,manual increases or decreases used,
then I would NOT consider these edgings 'automatic'!

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