Friday, 30 January 2009

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Reverse direction Feather & Fan-Machine Knit

Finally managed to trick Design-a-Knit's Lace Tool to do my bidding.
It took quite a bit of manipulating & downloading, uploading, deleting rows etc.
before it would knit this as I wanted it to.

i.e. all transfers done in one row, followed by 2 rows of knitting.
26 rows of transfers for each 2 rows of knitting.

Used a large tension for the lace so the holes would be easily seen.

The Handknit is the one with the stripes.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Webshots Slideshows

All Webshots Slideshows are listed in the left Panel of the Blog
under "My Photos".
I tried to embedd them on the main part of the Blog; it made the
Slide too small for good visibility.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Another Lace conversion-not quite successfull so far

This one does go from centre to the sides, but in staggered rows.

I can get it exactly right by handtransferring on the machine, but that's too much fiddling around,
so off we go again, until a lightbulb lights up & I get it exactly the same as the handknit
(automatically selected by KM) even if it means knitting only ONE row between transfers.

This is the first variation DK7's Lace Tool refuses to accept all decreases in rows 1&2!

Had a try at converting this handknit. Stripes in green only for accentuating.
All the decreases lean to the side from the first stitch in centre, which remains
knitted only throughout pattern.
A slightly different type of 6 hole Feather&Fan.
Generally the F&F moves towards the centre where it decreases by 2 sts.........

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Re origin of converted Snakescarves

I feel that an explanation is due, as I've received aComment from
Kim Salazaar :
kbsalazar said...

Would appreciate a link to the original pattern here -
Thanks. kbsalazar

16 January 2009 04:54

I did originally write to the Lady re "Her Kureopatora" scarf & she reluctantly gave me
her permission to convert it to MK-ing.
I also mentioned her name in relation to my scarves.

I then handknitted her version & realized that it wasn't possible to do the same thing on the machine!

That brought me to a search of alternatives;
there are 4 examples (all slightly different as they use shortrowing) in
Susanna Lewis' at least 20 year old book on pages 100 & 101.
But all similar in a way to a Snakescarf!

I did not use any of these or Kim Salazaar's methods for my machineknit scarves!

I have not given any How-To Instructions on how my scarves were actually knitted,
thus far anyway.........
I NEVER copy anyone's knitting techniques, but have always found my own way
of getting the results I want.
I certainly don't sell anything, simply enjoy solving knitting puzzles.

Happy knitting & experimenting to all knitters.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Dainty Lace Pattern

The Green swatch will also have a zigzag hem when any normal caston is being used.

Conversion from hand to Machine Knit for Brother KMs

Blue dots in graph are (Memo colour2 in DK7) an indication that the following 2 rows are KNIT rows.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Passap Drop or Release stitch

Whilst on the subject of Release sts. a week ago I should have added the easiest of all KMs do knit these on: the Passap!

Rectified Tulip pattern

This is how it should look, plus another sample which has a light weaving effect at the top.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

A few handknit to machine knit conversions are following.

I noticed a mistake after uploading this Photo,
ther is only 1 st. in the centre of the pattern in the first unit & 2 sts. in the next one.

I must be slipping!

This handknit Lace pattern & the graph came as a Freebie from a Czech Lady's Blog.

I've renamed the machineknit version: Tulip Lace;
I think it's rather pretty.