Monday, 19 January 2009

Another Lace conversion-not quite successfull so far

This one does go from centre to the sides, but in staggered rows.

I can get it exactly right by handtransferring on the machine, but that's too much fiddling around,
so off we go again, until a lightbulb lights up & I get it exactly the same as the handknit
(automatically selected by KM) even if it means knitting only ONE row between transfers.

This is the first variation DK7's Lace Tool refuses to accept all decreases in rows 1&2!

Had a try at converting this handknit. Stripes in green only for accentuating.
All the decreases lean to the side from the first stitch in centre, which remains
knitted only throughout pattern.
A slightly different type of 6 hole Feather&Fan.
Generally the F&F moves towards the centre where it decreases by 2 sts.........

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