Saturday, 17 January 2009

Re origin of converted Snakescarves

I feel that an explanation is due, as I've received aComment from
Kim Salazaar :
kbsalazar said...

Would appreciate a link to the original pattern here -
Thanks. kbsalazar

16 January 2009 04:54

I did originally write to the Lady re "Her Kureopatora" scarf & she reluctantly gave me
her permission to convert it to MK-ing.
I also mentioned her name in relation to my scarves.

I then handknitted her version & realized that it wasn't possible to do the same thing on the machine!

That brought me to a search of alternatives;
there are 4 examples (all slightly different as they use shortrowing) in
Susanna Lewis' at least 20 year old book on pages 100 & 101.
But all similar in a way to a Snakescarf!

I did not use any of these or Kim Salazaar's methods for my machineknit scarves!

I have not given any How-To Instructions on how my scarves were actually knitted,
thus far anyway.........
I NEVER copy anyone's knitting techniques, but have always found my own way
of getting the results I want.
I certainly don't sell anything, simply enjoy solving knitting puzzles.

Happy knitting & experimenting to all knitters.

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