Monday, 9 November 2009

Easy Handmanipulated Lace on Doublebed Machines

The idea came from this old Missoni original!

 It's up to the knitter whether they want to Transfer all sts. to
Backbed, straight after having done the handmanipulations
or knit one row first on the front bed and then use the garter carriage  U100 -transfer to back bed and knit 5or 6 rows ?
When done, use the transfer carriage again to move all sts. to the
Front bed and repeat the process as often as you like, changing 
colours as often as you wish !

It's a faster process than using a Brother KM(lace C) & it's Garter carriage for the actual knitting.
Admittedly it's worryfree and can be  preprogrammed, but waiting 

for the GC (turtle) to finish knitting or purling, before changing yarns
can be a pain.........

This is a special for Passap or  Superba machines using 
either an U 80 or U-100
Or for the Superba, the special garter carriage.

For transferring all sts, from Front to Back beds then reverse


Diana L. Sullivan, CPA said...

Hi, Ludmilla,

Still enjoying your blog - a lot!

Were there photos to go with this? None are visible.

Diana in Austin

Ludmilla said...

Hi Diana, nice to see that you are keeping an eye on my Blog.

The Photos & some instructions are starting to appear, but the samples (Passap & Superba) will follow gradually; can't be helped at the moment due to a few physical complanits.


A. Lee said...

Hi Ludmilla,
Am interested in this pattern for my Superba. Where can I get this transfer tool??? I have a similar thing for setting up needle arrangements for ribs but never seen the little red prongs with a transfer tool on it!!!
Alison UK

Anonymous said...

Hi Alison, I have replied to your private email address,
please let me know if you have received my email.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ludmilla,

No I have not received a reply yet - now 6pm on Monday - 7am Tuesday probably where you are?
Kind regards,