Sunday, 14 February 2010

Brother and other jacquard variants +preparations

An example of different width and height  using 
same no.of stitches .
Please read captions.

These  'cats examples' show the importance
of swatching to determine suitable technique and appropriate yarn 
so the knitting results in
correct size picture and is not distorted.

Information re settings etc will follow after more pic. uploads.

 More Jacquards Variations in May 2009 + a carriage setting for
Tuckrib Jacquard!


Nina said...

Hi, I like to read your blog and have awarded you with the Sunshine blog award. You can get it a my blog.
Love Nina in Sweden

Ludmilla said...

Thanks for the email,
You seem to have a nice bunch of knitting friends, do you belong to a club?

Christa said...

Hallo Ludmilla,
I just have to tell you how elated I am in having found your blog. As it happens I was just fiddling with the feather and fan pattern (not very satisfying) when I came across your pattern for it, which I have implemented with much success, a big Thank You.
I have another question though, where might I get ahold of the lovely cat afghan patterns? thery're the nicest I have seen and as I'm very fond of cats, I'd like to knit one.
Congratulations on your blog, it is full of helpful technical infos one does not find elsewhere.
Christa near Muenster (Germany)