Saturday, 22 August 2009

An Operator Error turns out as a new Technique?

This is the result of not having one's mind on what one is doing!
Instead of pressing in the Fairisle button I managed to press both
buttons as for Threadlace.

Actually I rather like the result.


Diane in Boston said...

I like this too. Can you say more about the yarns you used for this? I liked the nubby grey yarn and think it contrasted well with the blue.

I tried this pattern using a rayon yarn and sewing thread and it's not nearly as pretty as yours.

Ludmilla said...

Hi Diane,
I'm just using some very old remnants of 2-plies (I think you call it 2/16s in the States)
One is Wool & nylon (blue), the dirtylooking one is wool&acrylic.Both are at least 25 years old.
Happy knitting,