Saturday, 22 August 2009

More Brother Lace & Fairisle combinations

The graph including lace& fairisle for 134 SW.

4th row of Lace knitting will select 1st row of Fairisle needles, PARK LC at left-off bed!
engage MB carriage on rightt side KC II knit 2 rows, PARK on right side.

Make sure the carriage is parked on the right rails, then start at left with Lace carriage.........
At NO time should both carriages be on the bed simultaneously!
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Finally feel just a bit better (at least I am able to sit for a while
with the help of painkillers)

So have tried to make a couple more pat files & knit the swatches.

Just to show how one can use a Pattern from the Stitchworld book (930-940)
& add the Fairisle component to it.
I personally prefer these type of small patterns as they lend themselves
better for this type of combinations (if one looks at the back one can see
the small floats of col.2).


Margaret said...

These swatches look great, I like the small floats too, not only are they better looking but so practical as well. Thank you and do hope you are feeling better, Margaret

Ludmilla said...

Are you Margaret Mc Call?

If so I have been working on that Lilac HadnKnit that you liked last year, shoud be finished with the converting soon.