Sunday, 22 November 2009

8hole Feather & Fan and Variations-conversions to KMs

The graph for the handmanipulated (doublebed) F+F below
is the same as the Brother Swatches in the Slideshow of the same name.
I would like to make it clear that all the patterns were converted 
from handknitting in both "DK7's Lace Tool and the Brother
lace cartridge " for doublechecking.
Downloaded to the PPD then uploaded back separated to DK7's (LaceTool) where
the gartercarriage rows were added to the graphs and the .pat files
including "Input" for background-0  lace-1  knit rows-2
and garter-3  saved, so that the Brother KM has all the necessary 
info in it's window as one knits along. 
Not forgetting that the Garter Carriage does NOT preselect! 

This proves that all FF laces no matter how many holes they contain.
Fern=4, Feather and Fan=6, Peacock=8 or multiple hole as in the red or yellow samples of wave laces can all be done in either 
DK7's Lace Tool or Brother Lace Cartridge.
Most handtooled laces can thus be converted.


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