Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Options for knitting MK Magazines's Patterns

This is the 3x2 needle set for both beds.
Outside needles are used on the ribber,2 either side for seaming,
or 5-6 on side which incorporates Front Bands, either left or right.

A query came up from a Knitter friend on this subject.

For some patterns published in Magazines there are several ways of
tackling the job.
One can follow the instructions word for word or in many cases one can
reproduce the same result in different ways, be it because one hasn't got
the same brand of machine, a different gauge, a very different type of yarn
or a body which requires changes of all kinds, be that length or width.

The garment can still resemble the original or actually look the same,
allbeit with a better fit or more appropriate for the wearer.

This particular garment is a very pretty handmanipulated rib lace
in part & plain knitting in another
from Machine knitting Monthly July 2008 (a magazine which most of us buy).

I'n the next few days I will try to knit it the way I prefer.
Wish me luck!

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