Monday, 9 March 2009

Larger Graph for freebie

Added graph on left for punchcards
or those who can't follow the offsetting principle.
24x96 can be used for punchcard KMs but horizontally reflected!

Deutsche uebersetzung dazugefuegt!
Dieses Muster kann auch fuer Lochkarten gebraucht werden
2x12 , 96 reihen hoch + von links nach rechts verschrenkt.

Follow the instructions carefully.
This graph is for electronic Brothers only & cannot be used as is for
punchcards; for those it requires some very important changes.


Monique said...

It's a 12 st pattern. Why can't it be used for punchcard machines?

Ludmilla said...

It can, provided certain changes are made.
First a horizontal flip, then the first row taken off & added at the top.

The second repeat of the pattern
needs to be shifted by half, sideways to make it OFFSET.

That would make it a 96 row pattern.