Monday, 25 May 2009

Brother Jacquard Separation Possibilities

Knitjac separation for accurate representation of pattern=knits as B-default!
F-separation on right leaves every other row out!

Knitted swatches will follow in the next few days-

This is also the way a PPD Multicol. cartridge will save a pixel per pixel Stitchpattern;
it downloads to the machine as doublelength A-separation=see right graph below.

This elongated graph can be knitted as A or B-sep. jacquard.

C-separation -below------ A-separation or dbl-length
Click on pics to enlarge!

This is the setup + 2xLength on KM, above is the separation.

When DK shows that many errors, I will rather use Knitjac separations or C-separation for a more textured
fabric, by using plain knit on ribber & a Combination of Sliptuck or tuckslip on the Main Bed.

The main separations I use for my Brother Jacquards are B
Snadwich or default separation.
C-separation (singlerow separation) which starts at the other
end of the bed for preselection of needles & requires the
use of the elongation button on the machine.
A-separation, which must be basically a doublelength pattern-
as in capture of -2cjq-dbllength-jpg file.
And F-separation which is an every other row separation method.

Captures of the separated graphs follow on top.

Mostly I use the KnitJac separations (a small program)
written by a spanish engineer for his machineknitting wife;
it's a combination of changing colsequences & elimination
or insertion of extra rows to enable faultless representation
of a pattern as in an original patternpicture.

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