Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Another type of Lace-has possibilities!

Patt.397=a normal Threadlace pattern knitted using Brother 
        Main Bed & Ribber.

Pattern 403 another Threadlace pattern done on Doublebed,
both are useful for yarns which
are not exactly smooth.

Some other patterns lend themselves to the same 
type of knitting, but can result in different textures
when the second yarn is a woolly Nylon,the knitting
appears raised,as in embossing! 


A. Lee said...

This is really interesting Milla, how did you use two threads with the ribber sinker plate - I love the idea of how much texture this must have!
Kind regards,

Ludmilla said...

Sorry if I didn't answer before, but I hardly look at "comments".
Please leave questions in the green Neobox.

You use the normal doublebed setup, but need to press in both-MC & L at the same time & have 2 cols. threaded.

You are right about the texture, it depends on the yarn in use.