Thursday, 4 December 2008

Brother Release St. variation

This swatch is slightly different to the "circles" one, in that all the
Main Bed Selected stitches are dropped in one swoop at the
end of the knitting (as in Passap Drop stitch), but before casting off.

Save a lot of hassles & transferring stitches from main bed to ribber.

In answer to Alisons' question;
You start the caston as for Fullneedle rib,
hang comb & weights, then transfer all Main Bed stitches to ribber
before starting patterning.

The only difference between this pattern & the 'circles'
pattern is that the latter requires dropping sts. as each decrease
of the circles occurs !
Releasing sts. is patterndependent.


Anonymous said...

Hi Milla,

The drop stitch done on the Brother, is this started out as a full needle rib fabric or what? Looks really good!
Kind regards,
Alison UK

Ludmilla said...

Hi Alison,
in this case the caston is for fullneedlerib, hang comb & weights then transfer all MainBed needles to ribber before starting the patterning.

Happy knitting, Milla