Thursday, 16 August 2007

Snake scarf

Past 3 weeks

I have been working on a Snakescarf conversion from
handknitting to Machineknittig.

I found the original handknit on a blog belonging to "wiseneedle" owner Kim Salazar;
the whole design concept had to be changed for machineknitting.
For starters the knitting had to commence upside down & done in parts as
against all in one in handknitting.

Anyway it's done & have made 4 different snakescarves using various types of yarn
so there's something there for all tastes & preferences.

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Cobi said...

Beautiful work, and now I feel even more a novice, as I do not understand "drop stitch" I know my ribber came with a carriage that says that is what it is for, but it sits in the shelf unused and clearly not understood. I thought "dropping stitches just means trouble" and wondered why anyone would do it on purpose on a machine.......wonderful site. Cobi